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Half up messy bun

This half up messy bun is great on second-day hair.  It looks pulled together and still done because of the flowing locks on the bottom.  This is my go-to second-day hairstyle when the front sections are flat and all the waves weighed down. To start pull the top section of hair back into a ponytail, wrap elastic around once and […]

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5 Minute Simple Updo on Dirty Hair

This is my go-to dirty hairstyle!  Perfect for day 4 hair and beyond.  People will think you spent a ton of time on it but really the hairstyle took 5 minutes. The hairstyle hack of tucking loose ends into elastic is a lifesaver when bobby pins cannot be found. This hairstyle works great for greasy roots as it helps keep the braid secure. This is a great easy hairstyle for greasy hair. For a more whimsical look do it on curled 2nd-day hair. How To Style Greasy Roots: If you are feeling fancy spray a little dry shampoo into your roots and fluff them up. I use Herbal Essence dry shampoo. If you are avoiding dry shampoo, just fluff up your roots a little bit. This just helps create a little extra volume at the crown.  Next part your hair to the side and do a French Rope Braid. To do a French rope braid take a small section of hair by the part of your hair near the forehead and split hair section into two smaller sections. Pass the outside strand of hair to the inside hand and twist it over the inside strand. Repeat this step adding hair from along your crown in.  Once braid reaches the desired length, using an elastic pull all hair back into a ponytail.  Take a comb and arrange hair how you want it to lay. Pull hair through an elastic, twist and […]

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