Hello Beautiful!

20181014_180551_0001 Recently I heard someone say “learn to master the mundane, because the majority of life is the mundane tasks.” Those words flung me into action. I needed to find joy in as much as I could.  Months passed and little by little I changed things I was not getting joy from.  I lost over sixty pounds, started exercising, went out and made new friends, switched up my approach to parenting, and started to make my bed every day.  All these small changes had a positive effect on me, however, I still felt something lacking.  I realized I missed creating.  I was just being a consumer, and I was very good at it. I was consuming; art, binge-watching TV, trying out various products and worst of all just wasting time.


I knew I wanted a change I just was not sure what.  I was then introduced to Maskcara Beauty.  I loved it and quickly signed up to become a makeup artist. Becoming a Maskcara makeup artist gave me just the kick I needed to start creating.  I am excited to watch my craft grow and improve with each video, each blog, each makeover.  I did not realize how having a creative outlet whether it was restoring furniture, sewing, writing or even doodling had a profound effect on me.


I blame my product addiction on growing up a tall redhead. It was hard to know what colors worked with my ruddy undertones and fair lashes.  I always felt awkward and ugly.  Now that I am in my thirties I can appreciate my coloring and wish I had reached the same appreciation early on in my life.  My goal is to reach out to all women in all walks of life and help them see they are beautiful too. I absolutely believe the philosophy of Maskcara Beauty that makeup should enhance what’s already there not try to cover it up.  My content will include all of the Barely There Transformations that simply enhance a women’s natural beauty, plus a wide range of topics from furniture restoration, and house flipping to parenting and even dog training.

I hope you enjoy reading the musings of Just A Lauren and get something from my how I do’s.  Do you have a lifestyle tip you want me to write about or try? Let me know; I am always taking what I learn and testing it out. Everyone should be their own kind of beautiful, and live their best life.


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